AUM Reconciliation in FinnSys

Process of AUM reconcile in Finnsys

Whenever you found too much of data mismatched in your FinnSys, you can always follow the same process to match your AUM as on date.

Given below is the process of requesting AUM Reconciliation :
Step 1 : Request the "CAMS – WBR 22" & "KARVY- MFSD 203" mentioned files of respective registrars in Excel with Header format.

Step 2 : Login into your admin panel & Open the link http://yourdomain/FinnSys/_private/aum/aum.recon.asp in a new window.

Type your domain name at the place of "yourdomain" in the above link. i.e. if your website domain is, you have to type 

Step 3 : Upload the respective Registrar’s AUM file using the above link. Uncheck the “show unmatched folios”

Step 4 : You will get the list of all mismatched folios which needs correction in FinnSys. 

Step 5 : Save all the Mismatched folios in excel file, “Create text file for the selected folios”. 

Step 6 : You will get the list of mismatched folios, please copy and paste in one excel file.

Step 7 : Request folio with transaction file from the Respective registrar- "WBR-2 from CAMS & MFSD-246 from Karvy" in DBF format.

Step 8 : 
Again run the AUM file of respective registrar and Delete the selected folios.

Step 9 : Run the respective folio wise transaction file in FinnSys as Normal window. Once all transaction updated, your data is now perfectly matched.
You can again run the AUM file of respective registrar to verify the same.

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