Benefits and plan comparison for FinnSys 360

As you know that software and technology is an ever evolving process, wherein we all need to keep upgrading. Under a normal software plan the basic issue or dispute between the customer and the vendor comes at the point of payments /charges. A vendor needs to input more cost every time to upgrade or make any changes in their system, on the other hand the user finds it difficult to cope up with the increasing cost. Still we are proud to serve this MFD fraternity with the lowest minimum cost which we could afford.

FinnSys 360 is an initiative by us wherein we Fix up the basic subscription and break down all the features individually as 'Add on'. You can simply add what you need and remove what you don't need. Let us see the exact comparison of our Old Product Vs FinnSys 360 Plan :

Point /Feature  
Cost of the Feature (Rs )
Included in Old Plan Package ( Costs Rs 10500/-) ?
Included in FinnSys 360 Package ( Costs Rs 20000/-) ?
550 PA
4200 PA
SSL ( https) Secured Certificate
5500 PA
E Commerce Responsive Website
7500 PA
Yes ( Check templates at :
NFO mailers with Online Transaction Link, other marketing mailers under Broadcast - with or without CTA ( Click to action)
250 Per Mailer
No ( Have to pay for every mailer under the broadcast)
Yes ( 100% free unlimited access to the Broadcast catalogue, and even custom demand can be added in the section) 
Mobile Application on Android + IOS ( Fundconnect) with Deep Link
1500 PA
Yes ( All upgrades and changes are free for life time)
Admin App - Pro version ( Finnboard)
5000 PA
Yes ( Its free for lifetime)
NSE NMF /BSE Star API Integration
5000 PA
Yes ( Included in the package; if you will not take it then you will get the price deducted in teh package)
Video KYC in Clients App
6000 PA
Yes ( it is free with he NSE/BSE API integration)
MY PURSE ( Insta redemption feature in app)
6000 PA
Yes ( Its free for life time for one AMC - ICICI Prudential MF )
DIGITAL Marketing - Pro Program
2500 PM
Is available for Just Rs 1500 PM
FinnSys Academy Trainings & Courses
750 Per Course
Yes ( its free for life time)
Insurance Compare & Buy URL with unique advertisement ID
1500 PA
Yes ( Free)
Yes (Free)

So as you can see, that against our TOP Old package of Rs 10500/- per year, FinnSys 360 is a much better and feature rich . You are getting almost full feature with Online Trx, Onboarding and KYC in just Rs 20000/- per year plus taxes or in RS 15000/- plus Taxes, if you wish to remove Online Trx, Onboarding & Video KYC.

Besides this there are following Add-on features which you can take in FinnSys 360 but you can't take in your older package :

- Admin App - Pro version : Rs 6000 per year with unlimited sub brokers
- Mobile app with Own Name at Android Store  : Rs 6000/- per year ( excluding the cost of Rs 25$ to be paid to Android for one time)
- Mobile app with Own name at IOS Store : Rs 30000/- per year ( excluding the cost of Rs 99$ to be paid to IOS store every year)

In case you want to see the demo for this FinnSys 360 plan , then please mail at with the subject - " FinnSys 360 Demo required". Our team will contact you back and help on the module

Note : all our Annual Plan comes with a flat 10% discount

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