Bulk Data Upload in FinnSys

Bulk Data Upload in FinnSys

Need of Bulk Data Upload

When uploading big files which are above 20 MB in size, you need to first upload it directly on your web server first and then import it in your FinnSys application otherwise file would not get uploaded.

Before proceeding make sure you have the FTP credentials to access your web hosting. 
“FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a way of transferring file between your computer and the web server.”

Process of Bulk data upload in FinnSys

Step 1 Go to My Computer (open my computer)

Step 2 : write ftp://yourdomain on address bar and click Go (Enter FTP login id & p/w you have received from  hosting team)

Type your domain name at the place of "yourdomain" in the above link. i.e. if your website domain is http://abc.com/, you have to type ftp://www.abc.com 

Step 3 : Go to "httpdocs" folder                   

Step 4 : Go to "FinnSys" Folder

Step 5 : Select Bulk upload data

Step 6 : Select Registrar

Step 7 : Select Client/Transaction/Trail

Step 8 : Copy and paste the file which you want to upload.

Step 9 : After complete pasting of file in FTP, open FinnSys and run your file from Bulk Import Masters.

Done ! 

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