Digital Marketing - E Mail marketing

In this video you're going to learn why you should be focusing on building up an email list as a priority and how it is actually the biggest asset that you're going to have as a business or personal brand.

So you can learn how to have an email list for existing or potential customers ? Well with that list you can notify them every time you send out a blog post that gets trafficked to your Web site any

A very well-known marketer says after you wake up in the morning what's the first thing you do ?

" I know it's for me it's checking email I'd have to agree to that. I check my emails first thing in the morning as well."

Building up an email list is so important it's going to be the biggest asset you have. You can use it sell products drive traffic to blog posts drive traffic to YouTube videos get responses to market research surveys.

It's a fantastic asset to have.

Must join this exciting course from our academy, which gives you best insight in most layman style. You will learn from E mail designing, to E mail subject line, E mail dissemination through MailChimp or FinnSys or any other tools

You will see live action for marketing the pages like NFO scheme page, Top Fund pages etc . Even you could create a impactful impression among your clients through professional styled mails and communication

We will be using the Mailchimp Account and FinnSys MF distribution software to show the demo.

Check our full course calendar and book your seat for this course , today . 

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