FinnBoard Admin App : FAQs


FinnBoard is the mobile version of FinnSys Web App ?


Yes; it provides you the power of using all your admin services which you could otherwise do by visiting your website ?

When I have a Web app, why do I need this Mobile app to manage my Admin ?


In today’s world when your work place is not fixed and some times system access is not possible, like – when u are travelling, at the Airport, at Clients Office or in other situation, you need to do ur work from the mobile only. This Admin App could be very useful in such cases – just manage your business at a Click !


How does this App works ? I mean how does it pull my data ? Is it secure & safe ?


As you know, this simply acts as a connector to your data lying in your hosting space. We create such connection through the UN & PW entered by you. Moreover, we also give you option to create a four Digit MPIN for quick access to your app in future. So in that sense, it is 100% safe & secure


Is there any limitation for persons using the Admin app ? I mean can all my staff open this app at their end ?


No ! In order to maintain the safety, we allow maximum 2 login at a time under the admin UN and PW. However, you can talk to our development team, if you wish to provide or sell this app access to your sub brokers or associates also. Please understand this whole business proposition separately by sending your counselling request at


What all can I do from my admin app ?


You can do almost every admin activity, from lead management to Report generation! You can even use the app for sending selected reports via Whatsapp. You have complete access to manage your broadcast and Top funds from here only. Please watch this short video to see the key features in action.


What is the difference between this Basic version & Pro Version ?


FinnBoard Basic version is mainly created for all our Auto Upload customers, who wish to track their uploaded files everyday , and keep a track for any missing transactions, leads or alerts. They can not use any other features like- MIS, Broadcast, Client Onboarding etc


I am a FinnSys existing customer; I don’t have this FinnSys 360 Plan. Can I yet buy this Admin App as an Add On ?


No. This Admin App basic or Pro can be bought as an add on , only when u have shifted to FinnSys 360 plan


I am using ur Auto Upload plan but don’t have FinnSys 360 plan. AM I eligible for the Admin App Basic ?


Yes. FinnBoard Admin App Basic is provided free to all Auto Upload users, whether they are under our Old plan or FinnSys 360 plan


Can I get the trail run for FinnBoard Admin app Pro, before buying it ?


Yes. You can send the 7 days trial request at


How will I be billed , if I buy FinnSys Admin App Pro ?


Your App will get live and active from the day u accept or confirm the feature addition . However, the additional Bill of Rs 6000 per year will be added to your existing upcoming subscription plan. So technically u get the free usage facility of the admin app till when ur next renewal occurs.


Can I cancel the subscription for Admin App Pro, anytime ?


Yes. You can send your deactivation request at . however u will neither get any refund for the amount paid by you , nor can u get the adjustments of the paid amount in any of your Bills. Of course, the next subscription renewal will not have the bill for said feature


Can I create client transaction account – NSE or BSE, from my admin app – pro ?


Yes. You can create the client transaction account from your own admin app only. However your customer must verify the transaction confirmation E mail sent by NSE or BSE


Whom should I contact for more discussion on Admin App features ?


Simply call at 90-1521-1521 extension 10 to 17 during 10.30 am to 6.30 pm and ask for all details. Or else register to watch our FinnSys product training Sessions at



 FinnBoard Pricing & Structure wef 25th May'20


FinnBoard Admin App - Basic

User Type

Pricing (INR) - Excluding Taxes


FinnSys Old Plan users : Silver, Gold or Platinum Plan (who are not using our Auto upload Services)


FinnBoard Admin App - basic can not be activated for such users

FinnSys Old Plan users : Silver, Gold or Platinum Plan (who are using our Auto upload Services)


FinnBoard Admin App - basic will be activated automatically for such users

FinnSys 360 Users

2500 P.A

In all the existing FinnSys 360 users, we will provide it for free. 

New Customer

2500 P.A

We may waive this completely , depending upon the plan you buy


FinnBoard Admin App - Pro

User Type

Pricing (INR) - Excluding Taxes


FinnSys Old Plan users : Silver, Gold or Platinum Plan (who are not using our Auto upload Services)

10000 PA

No discount and no waiver

FinnSys Old Plan users : Silver, Gold or Platinum Plan (who are using our Auto upload Services)

10000 PA

Since they have got FinnSys Admin Basic for free , we will provide them the FinnSys Admin Pro by paying the difference. Applicable rate would be Rs 6000 only after discount

FinnSys 360 Users

10000 PA 

In all the existing FinnSys 360 users, we will provide it for 6000 p.a under current discount scheme. We will activate the feature on acceptance of your confirmation, but we will charge this under normal upcoming subscription cycle only. We will not charge anything pro rata as a courtesy

New Customer

10000 PA 

Discount will depend upon the subscription services





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