How to De- duplicate Clients in my FinnSys Database ?

As you know that your FinnSys has now got an 'Auto Client Creation' system. Your system is designed to identify the duplicates on the basis of 'Customer Name plus PAN Card'. Hence there are chances that your system could create duplicate clients, if there are any difference in the name and PAN combination.

We have provided a very simple process to De duplication your data in FinnSys admiral. Watch this step to step help to de duplicate the data in your system

Step 1 : Open the De Duplication tool in your FinnSys Admin panel

Step2 : Select the De duplication method

Step 3 : In our example we have selected 'PAN' . So the system will show total number of duplicate cases based upon the PAN number

Step 4 : Copy the PAN from here and check in 'CVL KRA' to see which is the correct Name

Step 5 : Select the correct one and merge the records

If you will Skip the record, then it will not appear next time during your normal search. Besides these , you can search any specific record from the 'Search' window, to De duplicate the record

Please take special care while merging the records - because all the folios and details will get merged into the one which is chosen by you. In case of any wrong merging done by mistake, please remove that client completely form 'Remove/remap' system and then re - import the client data to recover everything back