Important Update related to Kfintech MFSD 201/247/307 transaction file upload

Why my KARVY transaction file is not uploading?

Effective 10 March, 2021,  we have stopped the import of KARVY Transaction mail-back MFSD 201 file ‘WITH SPLIT’ option and  now only allow import using “WITHOUT SPLIT’ option. This has been done to limit data duplicity that can happen due to the import of such files.

Please note that you check the  “without-split”  option as shown below
while calling the transaction data from K-fintech and then import the file.

In case the file you uploaded was a daily subscription file MFSD 307, then you need to go to
Kfintech portal unsubscribe current subscription first, and then add a new daily subscription using "Without Split".

Still, facing a problem? we are just a call away at 90-1521-1521 or mail us at

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