Latest Update in FinnSys Software - as on 10th May 2021

We at FinnSys is regularly taking the inputs from our users and internal team members to add, edit or upgrade the features and utilities for best benefit of MFDs. In our recent 'Upgrade Release' as on 10th May 2021, you will find some useful changes in your software.

Before I explain you about the new changes, let us first see the main update done in your FinnSys Admin Dashboard :

  1. We have created a special section in the name of " Online Transaction Gateway' . Here you can check at a glance , about your integrated platform and its working status. If everything is fine , then it will show 'successful' or else it will show error; this will help you to take correct action related to to your MF Trade platform API.

B. We have created another important section in the name of " AUM Lock' . Here you can check at a glance , about your current AUM reconciliation and lock status. This will help you evaluate your last AUM match date and will help you in deciding the required action related to your data in the system. This way you will feel confident about the perfection of data in your System

C. Your System Monitor is also powered by two three special button : " Support Ticket" , " Tutorials" on the Top of the bar and " Chat ICON" at the right bottom of the bar. Make use of these buttons for instant help or queries related to your Finnsys Software

D. Besides these changes, we have done following bug fixes and updates in FinnSys Software :
  1. Now Product Maturity Calendar under the MIS section has a click to see all Investors under that Product

  2. Now when u click on 'All Folios list' under remove/remap list, you will get an additional column of AMC name also, for easy reference and faster selection of the folios

  3. Under login traffic we have added a new filter - Monthly Option , so that you can download the whole month log-in traffic at a go and send feedbacks or connect with your customers accordingly

  4. The E mail content is changed and modified under the section " Goal Sheet " and "Target Tracker" , to provide you better mileage in terms of customer engagement

  5. New section 'Promote MF Scheme' is added under Premium section promote any selected NFO, Scheme under SIP or Lumpsum

  6. Tax sheet now takes historic transactions prior to transmission in for the correct calculation of the applicable cost.

  7. Faster loading of the Investor/Family dashboard in the mobile app

  8. Franklin Templeton Account to Folio change is fixed and installed as per new rule. You can now download historic FT client master to convert all Account numbers to Folio Numbers at one go

More updates are in pipeline ; will share the release soon .

Please E mail us freely at or call at 90-1521-1521 to learn more about these changes. 

Warm regards,

(Abhinesh Kumar)
Director - Products

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