How to request historic data from CAMS ?

Every FinnSys user should first import all the historic data in their server, to get started. Once you get the historic data then you should register with each registrar for 'Regular Subscription' to get your system remain updated always.

Given below is the process of requesting historic data for CAMS :

................and click on 'Distributor Mail back Services' 

Step 2 : Enter your Registered E mail and select all Schemes ( other than AMFI and DSP Alternative Fund) :

Step 3 : Lets select the Client master files first - request for 'WBR9 Investor Static Detail' form the list under " Proprietary Data" . Then click on next :

Step 4: Lets select the WBR2 : Investors Transaction for the Period - form the list under " Customer Services" . Then click on next :

During the final submission, do not change any parameters, and simply select the period of your request. While selecting the dates make sure that you do not choose very large period at a go ; in case you are ordering for 10 years data then please submit your request 5 times ( 2 years each) , and so on . Must keep a simple to remember password in every request like - cams123 etc. 

Use our youtube videos , if you still need to learn more on 'Historic Data request from CAMS' :

Ordering Client File (WBR9):-

Ordering Transaction fFile (WBR2):-


Click here : Download this in PDF