Digital Marketing - Pro

Digital Marketing - Pro

Digital Marketing Package- Rs @2500 per month | Rs 12000 Per Six Month | Rs 21400 Per Year


What you get under the package ?

Under this package , you get the most valuable thing which is required in any Digital Marketing exercise - the Content ! Yes, content is the most valuable input in the whole process. We provide all original, free of copyright , compliant and authentic content for our members. Not only that, we post the contents on all your communication setups like- Facebook, Instagram, Youtube Channel, FinnSys Broadcast Section, Mailchimp etc

What is the push frequency ?

E-mailers & Blogs at WIX ( 2-3 every week)


For example :


·      Theme: Hidden Treasure

·      Description : In this mailer we will send an analytical report about any one particular category, scheme or product ranging from mutual funds, stock, insurance to loans

·      Theme: Investment Case Study

·      Description : In this mailer we will cover a short case study about various investors segment like retired housewife young executives, businessman doctors, actors etc.



·      Theme: Friday Ka Funda

·      Description : In this mailer we will cover something related to your website utility or app utility in the form of a training or invitation


·      Theme: Sunday the Funday

·      Description : In this mailer we will cover something attractive and lifestyle related content like good health, good food, healthy menu etc.



All these mailers will be sent to the target audience ( updated by u from time to time) in your Mailchimp account, including your existing clients as well as new clients. You will get full report of seen, unsubscribed and clicked etc after every e mail sent from Mailchimp ( limited to 2000 Audience)


Note :

1. We will also help you in acquiring the relevant mailing list of your city from google, Just dial, etc. , if required for bul whatsapp or mass E mailing
2. We also resource a powerful web based Whatsapp Bulk messaging Tool from a reliable third party, if you need 


Videos ( one a month, depending upon the topic and situation)


Published on 15th of every month or can be replaced with the webinar


·      Theme : Interview, presentation, knowledge, demo etc.

·      Description : Under this publication we will create a video for you with an outro and an intro.


We can provide our own content in case of presentations or knowledge articles. You can also provide us your recorded voice or recorded video with voice for final editing and publication to YouTube channels. Here we also use provide a web based video recording of our interview kind of sessions for you


You will have to just add us as an editor in your YouTube administrative permission.

We can use this published video link for mailers, Whatsapp, etc.



Facebook ( All the E mailers content are posted in your Facebook page):


We will manage your Facebook page in terms of banner, logo, video posting and article promotion.


Newsletter ( Every month):


·      Theme : We will fix up a color theme and format, blog format with you at the time of onboarding.

·      Description : We will create and post the newsletter on 30th of every month via e-mails, Facebook and other mediums. You can also get a print ready format in PDF, for physical use.


How to get Started ? What are the basic Requirements ?


1)    You have to add our email ID – in your YouTube , Facebook and Mailchimp admin as an editor

2)    You can provide us the Editor role in your Blog Portal managed at WIX etc

3)    You will provide us your logo, company details, phone number, website, name, your own picture etc. at the time of onboarding.

4)    You will have to make advanced payments for a minimum of three months, to run this service arrangement.



Please call at 90-1521-1521 , any extension and request to set up your Digital Marketing Trail Package of 30 days or E Mail  at , with the subject  " DIGITAL MARKETING"

For one to one consultancy , directly contact Mr Abhinesh Kumar at 83187-92030 or watch the video below :








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